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What Therapeutic Services do we provide?

Our preferred way of working is to through communication and “thinking together” with senior or middle management teams, to clarify the issues and to then create a package of support, meeting both individual and organisational needs. We can:


Observe groups of children or individual children who have concerning behaviours in the classroom and then meet with staff to think about the observations to understand children’s communications that may be being missed or misinterpreted.


  • Assess children and young people who are showing early signs of anxiety, emotional distress or behavioural problems, in line with care planning and legislative frameworks and write and facilitate intervention packages.


  • Write learning plans for individual children that meet the requirements of school planning, Individual Learning Plans, Health and Care Plans of Pupil Premium case studies. We can also monitor and evaluate these plans.


  • Facilitate staff work discussion groups, which focus on challenging groups or individual children.


  • Offer supervision to individuals or teams including, SENDCos Senior Leadership Teams, Safeguarding and Child Protection Teams.


Provide therapeutic training to staff groups in these areas

  • Children’s emotional development
  • Attachment theory
  • The impact of trauma and neglect personality development
  • The impact of abuse on personality development and behaviour
  • Reviewing and monitoring whole school and unit behavioural approaches and systems
  • Recognising and responding to children and young people at risk
  • Safeguarding policy and practice
  • Working with vulnerable groups
  • Supporting parents and carers


Both trainers intelligent, informative, and empathetic.


I really enjoyed the course. I will recommend it to others. The material was fantastic and both Emma and Anne-Marie were knowledgeable and thoughtful.


The trainers were both knowledgeable and able to explain abstract concepts and theories in easy to understand language.